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clinics / master classes

-High School
-Middle School
Public School Basics:

-Breath Support




-Balance & Blend

Ratings Festival
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Master classes / coaching
Beyond the Basics:

Audition Preparation Lessons and Clinics:

-High School All-State Audition Coaching

-Collegiate / Graduate Program Audition Coaching

-Competition Coaching

-Solo and Ensemble Coaching

Photo collage:  Logan Lindsey

Clinic and
Master Class
High School Band Directors:

~Take a concert brass sound to the field (breath support, resonance, intonation, balance, blend, and articulation.)

~Prepare your marching brass for the switch to concert season with a clinic on resonance, tone quality, articulation, and artistic style.

~Appreciate the luxury of a guest set of ears for your brass or your entire band as you prepare for festival ratings.

~Give your top brass soloists an opportunity to work with a specialist in preparation for all-state band and orchestra auditions.  (A clinic day and/or evening can be scheduled for private lessons on required materials, or for a group session where individuals are coached for the benefit of all in a master class setting.)

College Professors:

~Provide your studio an opportunity for group or individual instruction on repertoire being currently studied and performed.

~Invest in a guest coach / conductor for your trumpet ensemble, brass quintet, or large brass ensemble.

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