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Doc differentiates his instruction for every student he works with. He makes every student feel they are worthy and that they are immensely important. He got to know me exceptionally well, and tailored my private lessons to reflect that. His rapport with his students is extraordinary. He always challenged me and pushed me to do my best, and he had this way of always making me strive to meet his high expectations.


-Holly Stutler (horn, currently public school music teacher)

Doc has an engaging, warm approach that blends quick wit and humor with mature musical artistry and pedagogical excellence. As a result, Doc provides sophisticated musical instruction, which is readily accessible and inviting to students of all ages and abilities.

-Jon Milton (trumpet, currently church music director)

If you have a chance to watch or talk to Doc, take that chance. His determination and dedication to each person as a musician and fellow human is inspiring. He knows his subject inside and out. His ability to break concepts down into small and understandable steps are helpful to anyone. He is truly one of the best teachers I have ever had.


-Joseph Walden (trombone, currently music librarian)

My best work as a conductor and teacher is modeled on his work.


-Randall Stewart (trombone, currently public school music teacher and professional orchestral conductor)

The biggest goal that Doc helped me achieve was gaining confidence and trusting myself as a musician. He did this by being the uplifting and caring person that he is. Our lessons were filled with his positive spirits . . . As a musician, my performance anxiety subsided greatly because of him. He never failed to let me know that he was proud of me.

-Rebekka Spano (trumpet, currently health science)

"passionate"   "knowledgeable"

I have had the privilege to work with Doc both as a student, and as a parent of his students. I have studied with him as a professor, as well as accompanied his brass students. And now, my daughter and son have enjoyed his expertise. I think the greatest thing that stands out to me is not only the superior quality of his students and ensembles, but the amount of care he shows to all who study with him.


-Laura Godfrey (collaborative musician)

You will not find another instructor more passionate, more knowledgeable, and as deeply vested in your success as Doc.


-Jacob Haramule  (tuba, currently college professor and professional orchestra conductor)

Not only is doc a teacher, he is a friend and a leader to everyone who has been under his direction. Having a connection with your students is one of the greatest assets any teacher could have, and Doc definitely has that. When you have a connection with Doc, learning becomes easier, fun, and life changing.


-Elliott Mihelic (horn, current college junior)

Doc was more than a professor; he was mentor. With Doc, music was just the side effect. His open and honest authentic love for you as a person resulted in you becoming a better person, which of course made you want to work that much more from the musical perspective. I emulate Doc in many areas of my life to this day and I am thirty-eight years old.


-Anthony Parsons (trumpet, former U.S. Marine, currently U. S. Department of Energy)

Aside from notes and rhythms, which are important to be sure, I learned how to approach instances (throughout my life walk) that at first may be difficult or not understood with compassion and resolve. Seeking truth always and honoring the process of learning through failure may be the most invaluable life lesson anyone could learn. Doc just happens to teach that to students through brass instruments.


-Jason Burnside (trumpet, current 4-H extension agent)

As a professional musician looking back at my time with doc, I realize just what an amazing job he did at coaching ensembles that were made up of players with greatly disparate skill levels. He was able to challenge everyone, without overwhelming the less experienced. He took our time seriously, but kept the learning process engaging and fun.


-John Garcia, II (trombone and euphonium, currently U.S. Navy

More Testimonials from former students:

from a professional performer:

My goal was always to improve in playing ability, and Doc helped me by teaching me what to practice, how to practice it, and he lended a critical ear during lessons. Importantly, Doc taught me to improve independently.


-Kenton Bandy, trumpet

from a private studio teacher:

In my studio, I use many of his tips for determining HOW a student learns.  

-Tiffani Green, horn

from a high school band director:

He is genuinely interested in making his students realize their full potential.  

-Christopher Hayslette, trombone

from a college professor:

I have been teaching music at a college level for almost twenty years now. I have a small handful of former professors that I consider to be the models for my professional life. Tim is at the top of that list. He is a professional and person of integrity, honesty, compassion, and wisdom. His musicianship is of the highest quality and his ability to transform students' lives is unquestionable. He is truly a remarkable teacher and person. I am privileged to count him among my mentors and friends.  

-Lisa Withers, piano (horn)

from a graduate student:

Doc is one of the greatest musical influences in my life. His knowledge and musicianship as a performer and teacher is unmatched. He is always invested 100% in his students, and will push you to be the best you can be. I owe much, if not all, of my successes to him.

-Adam Gillespie, trumpet

from a college feshman:

The biggest goal I think Doc has helped me achieve is having a bigger, fuller sound without any effort or pressure on my face.

-Adam Bleil, trumpet

from a former U.S. Marine:

My goals were achieved through hard work and a genuine support system that required accountability and provided a grand sense of satisfaction and personal achievement. Doc has a unique ability to make you laugh at your insecurities while pushing [you] through your obstacles. I've used my skills learned from Doc to accomplish many amazing musical moments throughout my Marine Corps musician career even to this day.

-Anthony Parsons, trumpet

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